If we have agreed on payment or you want to make a donation, we accept cash, cryptocurrency and by bank transfer:

Make sure the data is up to date before payment!

Estimated fee of the requested legal assistance you can see in Ordinance No1 on the Minimum Amounts of Attorneys' Fees. The Ordinance indicates the minimum fee we owe for working on a typical case without complications. Negotiating a lower fee is prohibited. Depending on the complexity of the case and the qualifications of the Attorney, the fee may be higher than the minimum.

Our practice is to explicitly negotiate the expected payments - especially when the fee due will be higher than the minimum allowable (for example, due to complications of the case, due to the need for specific expertise, etc.).

Free assistance Attorneys are allowed to provide at their discretion - to materially disadvantaged persons, those with the right to maintenance, kinsmans, relatives and colleagues, and in support of noble causes.

In the event of a favorable outcome of a litigation (if a case arises), you have the right to request the other party to be ordered to cover the costs incurred by you in the case - incl. the attorney's fee paid.