when using content and services

The Legal Secrecy is guaranteed in чл. 30, ал. 5 of the Constitution and further developed in Art. 33 of the Advocacy Law - by explicitly prohibiting this secret from being disclosed in any way; and if disclosed, by an express prohibition on using it as evidence of anything.

Regardless of the legal guarantees, the protection of secrecy remains a responsibility primarily on yourself and on the Attorney you have chosen to trust. To get real protection, we offer you a few simple but essential information security measures to take against any attempts by your opponents to infiltrate your secrets.

Information Security

And last but not least, no matter how hard effort you take, it won't be helpful if those you share with don't follow similar information security rules in parallel with you. Feel invited to spread the above tips to anyone who needs them. And remember that absolute security cannot be achieved. Just don't bring your innermost secrets into digital environment, and share them with others only when really needed.